Welcome to the Lab Blog

The Cognition and Usability Lab at the University of Idaho provides an environment for all kinds of research related to human cognition that we find interesting. Most often these are problems with an applied touch or inispired by an applied question - ranging from the role of memory in computer security / password systems, different aspects of driving distractions, visual perception, visual memories (short- and long-term), gesture interfaces for vehicle interactions, the design of the built environment, navigational displays, the role of situational awareness in complex control room environments, different ways of assessing the usability and user experience of modern technologies, and many more.

We are interested in basic questions, like "how do we remember visual information" or "how do we remember a spatial layout" that have potential applications in the design of new interactions and interfaces. On the other hand, we are also interested in how well users can interact with technology even if we don't have an underlying theoretical question. Often interesting questions arise from looking closely at what people are good at and what they struggle with.

Besides these research issues, the lab is also the origin of the website goCognitive.net, a website devoted to providing educational materials in the field of cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience. You can check out the website here.

We hope that you will enjoy the blog on our new website - Steffen Werner