NOWCAM - regional conference for cognitive/memory research

Every year in mid-May the NOWCAM conference is held at a university in the Pacific Northwest - usually UW, UBC, Simon Frasier, UWW, etc. We have had a few presentations there (the last one was Connor on narrative passwords). If you are interested in a low-key conference with lots of student participation then this might be the one. I have posted the initial announcement below.x

NOrthWest Cognition And Memory (NOWCAM) is an annual, grad- and undergrad-student-oriented conference for people interested in cognition and memory (broadly defined). Planning for NOWCAM 2016 (the 18th annual meeting) is well under way. The conference will be held on the Vancouver campus of the University of British Columbia. The dates for the event are May 12 to 14 2016. Mark your calendar today, and plan to be there. Tell your colleagues/classmates about it. Tell them that NOWCAM is still the greatest show on earth, the best opportunity for presenting research, an amazing place for learning about research discoveries in our very own backyard. If you are involved in an independent study or thesis project, consider presenting the results at NOWCAM 2016. See

Fun things at HFES

Dinner with students, alumni, and Deak Helton at Casa Nostra. Getting together with Ron and Korey. Fun conference and great to see old friends...

Group picture with Kelsey, Tom, Nick, Steffen, Ryan, Korey, Kevin, Kevin, Michelle, Erin, Nick, & Brad, HFES 2015

Lab photo Spring 2015

Even though we are missing Chris for the summer we couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a lab picture on the last day of classes. Jeff and Sam will graduate next weekend - we wish you all the best for the future. Connor and Daniel are poised to finish this summer - best of luck and we hope to celebrate soon.

German Salad du jour

Last day of classes is always a day to celebrate. German Salad is my kids' favorite food and is easy to prepare. It is naturally vegetable free and is surprisingly high in carbohydrates and general sugar content. It is nicely balanced by the addition of saturated and unsaturated fats provided by cocoa and butter thanks to the cookies and Ferrero Rocher. Bon appetit.


HFES annual Idaho student, faculty, alumni, and friends dinner

We had a great dining experience last night at III Forks restaurant in downtown Chicago with current and former colleagues from INL (Ron Boring and Julie Marble), Canada DRDC Justin Hollands, and Harvey Smallman (Pacific Science and Engineering). Lab alumn Korey Johnson (GfK), and UI alumn Rowdy Hope (State Farm) also joined us. Great times - and luckily no one ordered the $4,650 bottle of wine that was on the menu (or the $150 steak).